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lab equipments & lab glassware manufactures

Specialists in the sale of lab equipment and glassware

Being one of the pioneers and experts in lab equipments and lab glassware, we cater to the needs of the industries who use them for different purposes. We are specialized in a range of benchtop laboratory equipments and lab supplies. We provide internationally recognized products which emphasis on quality and exceptional performance. Our unique products are brought as a single package to give an excellent quality, service and support.

Our end products include medical equipments, blood bank refrigerators, microscopes, laboratory glasswares and much more. The glass that is used in the manufacture is of high quality with less breakable possibility, heat resistance and customization.

Manufacturing Unit
Our manufacturing unit has been equipped with sophisticated machinery matched with the latest technology which enables us to give products with different specifications with focus on 100% accuracy on the final products. Upgradation to the latest new technical skills and better manufacturing facilities make them give the best of lab equipments and glassware.

With the focus on quality, we work on various areas such as development, quality control, production, distribution and the most important of all, frequent inspection of the products. With our experienced quality team who check that there is no defect material being marketed to the customer, which makes us feel proud of our quality team. The different aspects of quality control starts with checking of raw material, process control and testing of product using various steps.

Research and Development
Our team is constantly involved in doing research on giving new and innovative lab equipment's. The main focus is to design and develop the equipment that meets the requirements of the clients in the society. Check on the latest technologies and up gradation makes us know about the ever changes in the society.

Focus on industry
Our products are extensively used in sectors like education, health, vocational, etc. Further, they reach to every nook and corner of the world at affordable prices. We have clients all over the world. Also, various multinational research centers, well known hospitals use our products and have been our clients for a long time.

Glassware is basically made by heating crystalline compounds to temperatures that is high to melt them. Once it is melted, the molecule compound breaks the molecular compound and thus it leaves in a disordered state. When melting is cooled, molecules become locked before they are reformed in a crystalline structure. The main properties of a glass are basically clarity, brittleness, thermal and chemical resistance that is depending on chemical composition.