Laboratory Hot Air Oven

Laboratory Hot Air Oven

Laboratory Hot Air Oven

Laboratory Hot Air Oven


Laboratory Hot Air Oven are long lasting dual walled styles external stage developed of Mild Steel aspect successfully powder protected.

Inner made up of heavy metal or Stainless Steel aspect.

The gap between inner and external stage is loaded with excellent grade glass developed or created or made of wool to prevent heated issues.

Side created emitters are placed in rib cage, at system and completes.

Inner stage is offered with rib cage for modifying perforating racks to genuine sizing.

Temperature is managed by Digital Warm wide range Indicator-cum-Controller from 50°C to 250°C with excellence of  ±1°C.

Air ventilators are also offered on the edges of the product. To execute on 220/230 v A.C. provide. All units are set with Air flow fan as a conventional feature.

Laboratory Hot Air Oven

Chamber Size (H x W x D) m.m                                                 No of Shelves                                    Capacity ( Approx.)

300 x 300 x 300                                                                              2                                                                28 Liters.

450 x 450 x 450                                                                               2                                                                65 Liters.

600 x 450 x 450                                                                               2                                                              125 Liters.

600 x 600 x 600                                                                              2                                                              224 Liters.

900 x 600 x 450                                                                              2                                                              252 Liters.

900 x 600 x 600                                                                              2                                                              336 Liters.

900 x 900 x 900                                                                              3                                                              720 Liters.

Industrial Oven


Industrial Oven

Industrial Oven


Industrial Oven Triple divider manufacture, internal chamber made of gentle steel or exceedingly cleaned stainless steel sheet.

Outside created out of thick gentle steel appropriately completed with white powder covering or other color syntheses.

The crevice between the dividers is fitted with unique evaluation glass downy for high temperature protection. Furnished with a few removable racks.

Unique rich entryway shutting gadget has been given.

Temperature range up to 300°c is controlled by Double Show Microchip PID Computerized Temperature Pointer cum Controller & one Air Course Fan.

Control board is given selector switch of high or low rates of force, temperature controller and markers for mains and hotness.

Supplied with fitting and harmony. Gear suitable to be taking a shot at 220 Volts 50 Hz single stage

Chamber Size (H x W x D) m.m

900 x 600 x 600

1200 x 900 x 900

1500 x 900 x 900

1800 x 1200 x 900

Vacuum Oven

Laboratory Vacuum Oven

Vacuum Oven


Vacuum Oven are double walled units with outer made of Mild Steel sheet (M.S.)duly epoxy powder coated.

Inner made up of heavy gauge sheet (304-Grade) & SS Lid.

Space between inner chamber & outer wall is filled with high grade mineral wool for minimum heat loss.

Temperature range from +5°C ambient to 150°C is controlled by Digital Temperature Indicator – Cum – Controller

with variation of ±1°C Oven Temperature.

Silicon rubber gasket and Vacuum gauge provided in oven.

to see through transparent window of toughened glass at the door & shelves.

Oven Chamber size in m.m

Dia x Depth m.m                                                                                      Capacity (Approx.)

250 x 300                                                                                                    12 Liters.

300 x 300                                                                                                    24 Liters.

300 x 500                                                                                                    40 Liters.

There are many types of  oven comes for Laboratory uses just Hot Air Oven Vacuum, Industrial and other such types.


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